Hi All ....check out our latest song STORMY AFFAIR .  Magnus @RiverkingProductions also produced this for us  and we just love it and hope you like it too (fingers criossed) 

Hi all...my name is Fid  ,

I accidently messaged all  the employees and clients of the law firm where I worked:  “I’m going fucking insane working in this soul destroying shit-hole, my boss is a narcissistic prick!  Are there any artists out there who have had enough and want want to join me writing songs to save the world?”.

Four brilliant musicians , myself and a fox terrier with a bad attitude moved into our creative cottage and started our group HeadWrecking Mantra

Many thanks to Magnus @  RiverkingProductions for his amazing producer skills. We are on Youtube and Spotify and it would be great if you could follow us please and help us to save the world.