Hi All ....check out our latest song SUPERMAN. We're so excited about this release... Magnus @RiverkingProductions produced this for us and Wow!!!  what a production..we hope you like it.... 

Hi all...my name is Fid  ,

I accidently messaged all  the employees and clients of the law firm where I worked:  “I’m going fucking insane working in this soul destroying shit-hole, my boss is a narcissistic prick!  Are there any artists out there who have had enough and want want to join me writing songs to save the world?”.

Four brilliant musicians , myself and a fox terrier with a bad attitude moved into our creative cottage and started our group HeadWrecking Mantra

Our first two songs The Condom Broke and Useless highlight two delicate personal problems suffered by males. Precious Toothbrush has more a rock feel and now our latest SUPERMAN ...well we just love this song.... Many thanks to Magnus @  RiverkingProductions for his amazing producer skills. We are on Youtube and Spotify and it would be great if you could follow us please and help us to save the world.